Couple Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Colonial Williamsburg with Family

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A few months ago I was contacted by a lovely young woman telling me about her family's plans to celebrate her parents 40th Wedding Anniversary in Colonial Williamsburg. They were looking for a photographer to do a photo session with the family during the weekend they were spending here. Thrilled to be part of their celebration, we decided on a late afternoon session just before their dinner reservations at Fat Canaray in Merchants Square

We had an absolutely gorgeous evening.  Let me tell you, they were dressed to impress! 

Williamsburg-custom-family-photographerWilliamsburg-custom-family-photographer Am I right?! They were such a sweet, charming family and we had a lot of fun walking around Colonial Williamsburg taking photos.  Mother-and daughters-in Colonial-Williamsburg-GardensMother-and daughters-in Colonial-Williamsburg-Gardens

A beautiful mother and her beautiful daughters. But we can't leave out the boys...they just look so dapper. 

Father-and-son-in-laws-in Colonial-Williamsburg-gardensFather-and-son-in-laws-in Colonial-Williamsburg-gardens

This is one of my favorite little corners of CW to take photos. Their dress colors look AMAZING against the beautiful green here. 

40th-anniversary-couples-photo-in-williamsburg-VA40th-anniversary-couples-photo-in-williamsburg-VA couple-in-colonial-williamsburg-photocouple-in-colonial-williamsburg-photo beautiful-couple-in-williamsburgbeautiful-couple-in-williamsburg

One of the fun things about Colonial Williamsburg is that there is beautiful scenery around every corner. 

exteded-family-photo-shoot-in-colonial-williamsburgexteded-family-photo-shoot-in-colonial-williamsburg couple-in-colonial-williamsburgcouple-in-colonial-williamsburg couple-on-street-of-colonial-williamsburgcouple-on-street-of-colonial-williamsburg couple-in-front-of-colonial-williamsburg-buildingcouple-in-front-of-colonial-williamsburg-building


This image makes me want an updated, dressed-up photo with my Dad and Sister! 


40 years of marriage looks pretty darn good! 


After a really fun-natured photo session, they headed off to dinner. I want to mention that having not been to the Fat Canary yet since moving to Williamsburg, I asked them to let me know how it was. A few days later I got an email with this: 

"Just wanted to let you know that I STRONGLY suggest Fat Canary!  Our server was a delight.  They had a menu signed by all the waitstaff for my parents, they put us at a great table, and most importantly - the food was outstanding.  Superb. I hope you get a chance to celebrate there sometime!"

So there you go! It doesn't get any better than that!

I am so glad that I got to provide them beautiful memories of what was clearly a very meaningful evening. I would love to provide you with beautiful memories like these too! Contact me today and let's plan an unforgettable  photo session for YOUR family! 



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