Here we go again | CrossFit Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic 2014

February 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

Has it been a year already? Apparently so since tomorrow the first 2015 CrossFit Open WOD will be announced! Did you register yet? I did! My double unders haven't gotten any better, well maybe a little, but I registered anyways. Last year was a lot of fun and this year looks to be no different. 

This past Fall I had the opportunity to photograph the Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic for the second year at CrossFit Williamsburg. 

In honor of the CrossFit Open starting this week, I just wanted to share some highlights from that awesome event. This sport is just as much about community as it is the fitness and workouts. I hope that you feel that as you see these photos and the athletes in them. That's what this is about and why I love it so much.

Let's start with a few team photos. Gangs did it a little differently this year by having co-ed only teams. I love a good laugh and some of these teams certainly came with their sense of humor.


Are you laughing yet? They know how to play hard...and work even harder


Can you feel the love?!? The amazing comradery and support of this sport never ceases to amaze. So, you have a day to sign up for the open and experience it for yourself!! See YOU there!!



Awesome, Rachel! Thanks again.
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