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With it being on a Saturday this year, there is a lot going on in Colonial Williamsburg today! While you are down there for the fun be sure to check out The Scotland House. This is a family owned and run boutique in Merchants Square that sells authentic apparel and gifts from The British Ilses. I did a commercial photo shoot for them back in the Fall to showcase some of their new inventory and it was so fun!  They have the most beautiful things in there! Seriously, all those things that we tell our clients to wear because they photograph so well - rich colors, textured fabrics, layered accessories - they have it all! So get your Irish fix today and enjoy some of my favorite images from this session! 

We turned the front of their large store into my studio for the morning. Models brought their A game! 

scotland-house-williamsburg-va-commercial-photoscotland-house-williamsburg-va-commercial-photo studio-model-commerical-photo-shoot-in-williamsburg-va-scotland-housestudio-model-commerical-photo-shoot-in-williamsburg-va-scotland-house


scotland-house-commercial-photo-shootscotland-house-commercial-photo-shoot woman-modeling-black-fur-cape-at-williiamsburg-va-commercial-photo-shootwoman-modeling-black-fur-cape-at-williiamsburg-va-commercial-photo-shoot


girl-modeling-red-swing-coat-in-williamsburg-va-product-shootgirl-modeling-red-swing-coat-in-williamsburg-va-product-shoot williamsburg-va-commerical-studio-photo-shootwilliamsburg-va-commerical-studio-photo-shoot


man-with-scarf-in-williamsburg-commerical-photo-sessionman-with-scarf-in-williamsburg-commerical-photo-session women-modeling-turquoise-shall-in-commercial-williamsburg-photowomen-modeling-turquoise-shall-in-commercial-williamsburg-photo


williamsburg-va-studio-photographerwilliamsburg-va-studio-photographer Williamsburg-VA-commercial-photo-sessionWilliamsburg-VA-commercial-photo-session

men-modeling-kilts-for-scotland-house-commercial-photo-shoot-in-williamsburgmen-modeling-kilts-for-scotland-house-commercial-photo-shoot-in-williamsburg men-modeling-kilts-for-scotland-house-commercial-photo-shoot-in-williamsburgmen-modeling-kilts-for-scotland-house-commercial-photo-shoot-in-williamsburg

We also did some of our shoot outside in front of their store on Merchant Square and some quaint side streets. 


couple-photo-shoot-in-williamsburg-merchant-squarecouple-photo-shoot-in-williamsburg-merchant-square women-modeling-in-merchant-squarewomen-modeling-in-merchant-square





This is the husband and wife team that own Scotland House. They work so hard to bring the Williamsburg community and visitors a great selection of authentic products that are popular right now in those countries. And I learned they are the only US retailer for some of the things they carry! 


In addition to the gorgeous apparel, there are so many beautiful accessories and gifts to find here.

bangle-bracelets-in-williamsburg-scotish-boutiquebangle-bracelets-in-williamsburg-scotish-boutique williamsburg-va-model-with-brown-leather-bagwilliamsburg-va-model-with-brown-leather-bag





There are way too many photos of all the beautiful things they carry in this unique boutique to share them all so be sure to check their website. Better yet, go downtown to have your Guinness today and visit these friendly people at The Scotland House to check it out for yourself

If you are a business near Williamsburg VA and would like new photos or updated head shots for your marketing needs, please contact me for a custom quote! We can work together to make sure the best you is being represented in your brand! 



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2016 Gangs of the Mid-Atantic Competition at Crossfit Williamsburg http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2017/2/2016-gangs-of-the-mid-atantic-competition-at-crossfit-williamsburg CrossFit Open season is upon us once again! In a few days 17.1 will be announced!  Hundreds of thousands of Crossfitters will be in front of their devices Thursday night to see what Dave has in store for us. Some will laugh, some will cry, but all will be challenged by whatever is announced! The next five weeks will be a series of new workouts, loud cheering, and maybe a PR! If you are new to Crossfit, this is a great way to see what this amazing community is about. If you are a more seasoned athlete, you know you will certainly up your game. If you aren't registered yet or want to find out more, check it out here!

With the open brings lots of fun CrossFit hype! :) This is when I like to revisit the photos from CrossFit Williamsburg's Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic that I took this past Fall to share again and hopefully give some motivation for these exciting next few weeks!  Also girl scout cookies are being delivered right now, so if you are like me you might want an extra workout here or there... 

Meet some of the teams at this past year's Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic...

male-team-at-gangs-of-the-midatlanticmale-team-at-gangs-of-the-midatlantic female-crossfit-competition-teamfemale-crossfit-competition-team

Williamsburg-VA-crossfit-competition-co-ed-teamWilliamsburg-VA-crossfit-competition-co-ed-team gangs-of-the-midatlantic-co-ed-teamgangs-of-the-midatlantic-co-ed-team gangs-of-the-midatlantic-teamgangs-of-the-midatlantic-team male-team-toastingmale-team-toasting crossfit-competition-team-at-gangs-of-the-midatlanticcrossfit-competition-team-at-gangs-of-the-midatlantic One of my favorite team names...Chalk Dirty To Me! 


 Those were before the blood, sweat and tears...here are some of these legit athletes doing their thing! 



female-athlete-doing-chest-to-bar-pullups-at-Crossfit-Williamaburgfemale-athlete-doing-chest-to-bar-pullups-at-Crossfit-Williamaburg chest-to-bar-pull-ups-at-crossfit-Williamsburg-Competitionchest-to-bar-pull-ups-at-crossfit-Williamsburg-Competition

female-athlete-doing-deadlift-at-williamsburg-competitionfemale-athlete-doing-deadlift-at-williamsburg-competition crossfit-heavy-snatch-at-williamsburg-competitioncrossfit-heavy-snatch-at-williamsburg-competition crossfit-competition-relay-race-at-gangs-of-the-mid-atlanticcrossfit-competition-relay-race-at-gangs-of-the-mid-atlantic

crossfit-heavy-clean-at-williamsburg-boxcrossfit-heavy-clean-at-williamsburg-box female-on-rower-at-gangs-of-the-midatlanticfemale-on-rower-at-gangs-of-the-midatlantic male-athlete-heavy-snatchmale-athlete-heavy-snatch toes-to-bar-at-crossfit-williamsburgtoes-to-bar-at-crossfit-williamsburg crossfit-burpee-bar-hop-at-crossfit-williamsburgcrossfit-burpee-bar-hop-at-crossfit-williamsburg crossfit-williamsburg-athletes-doing-pullupscrossfit-williamsburg-athletes-doing-pullups female-athlete-burpee-bar-hopsfemale-athlete-burpee-bar-hops

male-athlete-snatching-at-crossfit-competitionmale-athlete-snatching-at-crossfit-competition double-unders-being-judged-in-crossfit-competitiondouble-unders-being-judged-in-crossfit-competition front-squat-at-crossfit-competitionfront-squat-at-crossfit-competition male-athlete-in-front-rack-position-with-heavy-barbell-at-williamsburg-competitionmale-athlete-in-front-rack-position-with-heavy-barbell-at-williamsburg-competition male-althete-doing-double-unders-at-crossfit-competitionmale-althete-doing-double-unders-at-crossfit-competition female-athlete-heavy-clean-at-crossift-williamsburg-competitionfemale-athlete-heavy-clean-at-crossift-williamsburg-competition

front-squat-at-crossfit-competitionfront-squat-at-crossfit-competition crossfit-competition-snatch-in-williamsburgcrossfit-competition-snatch-in-williamsburg Pretty impressive stuff, no? They work hard and play hard - sometime at the same time. If there was one word I could use to sum up this past year's Gangs competition it would be fun. Don't believe me? Lots of smiles and joking around out there!

having-fun-at-gangs-of-the-midatlantichaving-fun-at-gangs-of-the-midatlantic male-athlete-smiling-on-rowing-machine-at-crossfit-competitionmale-athlete-smiling-on-rowing-machine-at-crossfit-competition




male-athlete-smiling-doing-toes-to-barmale-athlete-smiling-doing-toes-to-bar male-athlete-smiling-on-crossfit-air-assault-bikemale-athlete-smiling-on-crossfit-air-assault-bike


Of course none of this would happen so seamlessly without our hard working volunteers and judges! 

crossfit-competition-judges-at-gangs-of-the-midatlanticcrossfit-competition-judges-at-gangs-of-the-midatlantic crossfit-competition-volunteers-in-williamsburgcrossfit-competition-volunteers-in-williamsburg crossfit-competition-volunteerscrossfit-competition-volunteers crossfit-competition-volunteers-cleaning-barscrossfit-competition-volunteers-cleaning-bars gangs-of-midatantic-butchergangs-of-midatantic-butcher

crossfit-competition-judges-in-williamsburgcrossfit-competition-judges-in-williamsburg gangs-of-the-midatlantic-volunteersgangs-of-the-midatlantic-volunteers 2016-gangs-of-the-midatlantic2016-gangs-of-the-midatlantic It takes a lot of work to have this much fun! One of my favorite things to see in these competitions is the teamwork, cheering, and celebration of each other's accomplishments. And I also love to catch the exhausted, crumpled up, and sometimes worse for the ware mess! 

celebrating-one-rep-max-snatch-at-williamsburg-crossfit-competitioncelebrating-one-rep-max-snatch-at-williamsburg-crossfit-competition crossfit-competition-team-huggingcrossfit-competition-team-hugging male-teammates-hug-at-williamsburg-competitionmale-teammates-hug-at-williamsburg-competition

WOD-aftermath-at-gangs-of-the-midatlanticWOD-aftermath-at-gangs-of-the-midatlantic one-rep-max-snatch-celebrationone-rep-max-snatch-celebration cheering-on-team-at-crossfit-competitioncheering-on-team-at-crossfit-competition And just a special shout out to these two athletes who did all 100 reps of pull-ups for their team in the third WOD

man-doing-pullups-at-crossfit-williamsburg-competitionman-doing-pullups-at-crossfit-williamsburg-competition woman-doing-pullups-at-crossfit-competitionwoman-doing-pullups-at-crossfit-competition

And remember than blood, sweat, and tears thing I mentioned? 


So the first open WOD is going to be announced tomorrow. What do you think...one arm dumbbell snatches? Pistols this year? Bring ring muscle ups back?  Whatever it is -or the rest of them for that matter - it'll be an exciting few weeks! Hopefully you'll register and take part in the madness fun.

Whether you take part in the open this year or not, if you are new to competitions and are looking for a gateway event, check out this competition for first timers HERE!  

If you want to learn more about my CrossFit photos or portrait sessions, contact me here!  

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Williamsburg Portrait Studio Christmas Sessions http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2017/1/williamsburg-portrait-studio-christmas-sessions While I love providing beautiful printed products and wall art to my clients, I know during the Holiday season gorgeous Christmas Card images are also needed!  In a effort to help with that, I offered a special in my newsletter. I did a handful of children's simple studio Christmas card sessions in plenty of time to get the cards ordered and mailed for Christmas!

Here are a few of my favorites from these sessions!

She was my perfect little model when I was deciding to offer these!



If you know me or have had previous sessions with me, you know I am not really into props.  I love simple to focus on the amazing faces in front of my camera. Sometimes I am graced with glimpses of personality and my favorite thing is to catch real smiles. Sibling shots are so fun! 





Sometimes relationships shine in simple photos and it's THE best! These two... I mean no words! 



And then there was this gorgeous girl. Her dress, her hair, her smile...so so lovely! 


If you participated in these sessions, thank you!  They were a lot of fun! If you would have liked to participate in these, be sure to get on my newsletter HERE so you don't miss out on hearing about any specials I have throughout the year! 

If you love simple studio sessions, I do offer them all year round with several beautiful backdrops to choose from. These are perfect for the winter months if you don't want to brave the cold weather! Contact me to plan yours today! 



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Beautiful Fall Family Portraits in Colonial Williamsburg http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/10/beautiful-fall-family-portraits-in-colonial-williamsburg This was one of my favorite Fall shoots from last year!  This couple are both William and Mary alumni. They were here in Williamsburg for William and Mary Homecoming weekend with their beautiful daughters. They also took them on a campus tour as the oldest was a senior looking at potential colleges. They contacted me to try to fit a family photo session in their very busy weekend and I am so happy we worked it out! Early morning light, quiet streets, and Colonial Williamsburg made this session gorgeous! 



Their outfits and colors were so perfect for Fall! 

Williamsburg-Custom-Family-PhotographerWilliamsburg-Custom-Family-Photographer Sisters-by-Colonial-Williamsburg-fence-photoSisters-by-Colonial-Williamsburg-fence-photo Couple-by-fence-in-Colonial-WilliamsburgCouple-by-fence-in-Colonial-Williamsburg Williamsburg-Fall-Senior-Portrait-SessionWilliamsburg-Fall-Senior-Portrait-Session

While the leaves were just showing a hint of color, the lush greens this time of year are so pretty in the Colonial Williamsburg Gardens.

Fall-Family-Photo-Session-in-Colonial-WilliamsburgFall-Family-Photo-Session-in-Colonial-Williamsburg family-portrait-session-in-williamsburg-vafamily-portrait-session-in-williamsburg-va Sisters-Williamsburg-Fall-Photo-SessionSisters-Williamsburg-Fall-Photo-Session red-haired-girl-in-Williamsburg-photo-sessionred-haired-girl-in-Williamsburg-photo-session Sisters-portrait-in-Colonial-Willaimsburg (2)Sisters-portrait-in-Colonial-Willaimsburg (2)

The Palace Green, Governors Palace, and charming side streets are always a great backdrop for Williamsburg Photos.




Fall-family-photoshoot-in-Colonial-WilliamsburgFall-family-photoshoot-in-Colonial-Williamsburg Williamsburg-fall-family-photo-sessionWilliamsburg-fall-family-photo-session

This family is certainly efficient in how they managed to get so much in that Homecoming weekend! I enjoyed spending time with them this absolutely gorgeous Fall morning in Williamsburg. I am happy to say so many of these beautiful images are being enjoyed on the walls of their home. 

I would love to take beautiful images of your family and help you display them on the walls of your home too! Contact me to plan and schedule your custom family photo session with me! 

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Williamsburg Extended Family Photo Session at KingsMill Resort http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/10/williamsburg-extended-family-photo-session-at-kingsmill-resort The older I get the more I realize that time is one of the most precious gifts we have. Sure, getting stuff is fun, but when virtually every minute of my day is accounted for I crave more time than anything else. That makes vacations and time with my family priceless to me. I love seeing families take vacations together here in Williamsburg and I am honored when they ask me to take their family portraits while they are here. They know this rare time when everyone is together is precious and worth remembering in a special way . 

I take a lot of care preparing to assure my clients can relax and let me do the work when it comes to their photo sessions. Sometimes that means I have to anticipate the weather, make a call,  and react - especially when they are from out of town and just rescheduling down the road or another weekend won't work. We had to move this session for a forecast that looked like rain, rain, and more rain for our original time. Thankfully we were all able to be flexible and still make this happen! 

They were staying at the beautiful Kingsmill resort along the James River and we pretty much did this session in their backyard there. Sometimes a simple location, happy family, and killer lighting are all you need for a beautiful photo session! Williamsburg-extended-family-photo-sessionWilliamsburg-extended-family-photo-session These grandparents were thrilled to have all their grandchildren in one place!! 

grandparents-with-grandchildren-in-williamsburggrandparents-with-grandchildren-in-williamsburg This beautiful couple, their children, and their familes...

grandparents-portrait-at-kingsmill-resort-grandparents-portrait-at-kingsmill-resort- parents-with-adult-children-in-williamsburgparents-with-adult-children-in-williamsburg williamsburg-extended-family-photo-sesssion-at-kingsmill-resortwilliamsburg-extended-family-photo-sesssion-at-kingsmill-resort

kingsmill-family-photo-session-in-williamsburgkingsmill-family-photo-session-in-williamsburg couples-photo-at-kingsmill-resortcouples-photo-at-kingsmill-resort Williamsburg-custom-family-photo-sessionWilliamsburg-custom-family-photo-session brothers-at-kingsmill-resort-in-williamsburgbrothers-at-kingsmill-resort-in-williamsburg Couples-custom-photo-session-in-williamsburgCouples-custom-photo-session-in-williamsburg Family-photo-in-williamsburg-vaFamily-photo-in-williamsburg-va siblings-at-kingsmill-resort-williamsburg (2)siblings-at-kingsmill-resort-williamsburg (2) Couple-at-williamsburg-kingsmill-resortCouple-at-williamsburg-kingsmill-resort This family had a long, full day before our photo session as we were adjusting schedules for the weather. These kids were troopers! Still running around and full of silly energy! Of course this one was a grandparent favorite!

I know my vacationing family clients have full days of Colonial sightseeing, Busch Gardens fun, and resort swimming. So I am super grateful when they not only chose to fit in a photo session to remember their beautiful Williamsburg vacation together , but trust me with their precious time as well!

Whether you are here for a relaxing vacation or are lucky to live here like I do, I would love to capture your precious time too! CONTACT ME and we can plan your next family photo session for you together! 


rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) Extended Family Photos James River Virginia Williamsburg Williamsburg Family Reunion Williamsburg Photographer extended family family photos family portraits kingsmill resoort photo shoot photos portraits http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/10/williamsburg-extended-family-photo-session-at-kingsmill-resort Mon, 03 Oct 2016 12:41:35 GMT
William and Mary Alumni Pregnancy Announcement http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/7/william-and-mary-alumni-pregnancy-announcement Reaching back a few months to blog this session...

I got an email from the sweetest girl who graduated from William and Mary along with her now husband. It was just before Mother's Day and she really wanted to have a fun pregnancy announcement photo session. Did I mentioned her Dad was a William and Mary Alumni too?

Having since moved away from Williamsburg, we worked to find a time for them to come down for a session before Mother's Day where they could share their wonderful news with family and friends. A little drizzle wasn't going to put a damper on our morning! They came prepared with the cutest sign  (Our Tribe is Expanding!)  and I learned a thing or two about some William and Mary traditions! 

The Wren Building is iconic, beautiful, and the perfect backdrop for our first photos of the morning. 

The Crim Dell bridge is such a romantic spot! 

Thomas Jefferson needed to get in on the fun and I think he approved!

This was such a fun session and I wish this couple nothing but happiness on this next chapter in their lives!  I would love to help you remember this chapter of your life too! Contact me to find out more information on my custom photo sessions! 

rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) Alumni Colonial Williamsburg Crim Dell Bridge Pregnancy Announcement William and Mary William and Mary Campus Williamsburg Williamsburg Photographer Wren Building couples photo session portraits sunken garden http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/7/william-and-mary-alumni-pregnancy-announcement Fri, 29 Jul 2016 01:41:25 GMT
Spring Family Photos in Colonial Williamsburg http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/6/spring-family-photos-in-colonial-williamsburg Colonial Williamsburg is always the perfect setting for family photos. Colonial Williamsburg in the Spring though...well that's is an extra treat! Lush greens, blooming gardens, and gorgeous light create backdrops like no other. This beautiful family has a new journey ahead, but before the boxes and moving trucks we set out to enjoy one more evening strolling around this pretty place. 

 Oh and their pug joined us too! Such a handsome fella! 

And speaking of handsome...these boys! 

This couple had the most fun, playful relationship.

Yeah, and romantic too. 

I wish this family all the best on their new adventures! I would love to capture your family during your Williamsburg adventure too! Contact me to discuss your next photo session! 

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Preserving memories with Mom in Williamsburg http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/5/preserving-memories May is a pretty big month for me. It's my birthday, Mother's Day, and the month I became a mother myself as it's my oldest child's birth month too. It's Spring, which means it's hopefully getting warmer and greener out. As a photographer, that's a big deal for me too! I want to focus though on Mother's Day, or just moms really, but this seems like an appropriate time. 

The older I get, the more I realize how immensely lucky I am to still have my mother in my life. That might sound dramatic, but its true. Especially having daughters reaching their teens - I feel like I need her now as much as ever! I am raising my children in a different world from the one my mother raised me in and it's scary. Everything is different. The schools, the activities, the sports, the friends, the non-friends, the technology... Oh the technology! It's wonderful and I hate it all at the same time. Here I am working on it, but just a few tabs over is social media that I can waste hours on. I watch my children turn into zombies in front of their devices and I seriously want to throw them out the window sometimes. But I digress...my point is, I am so thankful that I have my mom to talk to. To vent to. To get advice from. This parenting thing is hard and I know no matter how trivial or giant my issue is, I have someone that cares about it almost as much as me. 

So what does any of this have to do with photography? Well, everything! While my mom is a phone call away, she's also 12 hours away. I don't get to see her in person even kind of enough. Photos have always been important to me of the people I love. They are important to my children as well as they've only ever see their grandparents a handful of times throughout each year of their lives. I also want them to have evidence of when their parents were young(ish)!   

Relationships are what life is about. Photographs that preserve the memories of those relationships are priceless. Whether it's with a professional or your phone, be sure to capture those special times together once in a while. Get in a photo with your kids. Take a selfie with your mom if you are lucky enough to be able to. You won't regret it looking back on those photos in the days, months, and years to come. And I'll bet you smile when you do. :)  

Thank you to all my wonderful clients for trusting me with their memories! 

Happy Mother's Day! 


Contact me for more information on your customized photo session! Let's preserve your memories too! 

rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) Mothers Day Williamsburg Williamsburg VA family photos family portraits memories mom photos portraits portraits with mom preserving memories http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/5/preserving-memories Sat, 07 May 2016 19:50:08 GMT
Williamsburg Studio Watch Me Grow First Year Baby Portrait Plan http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/3/williamsburg-studio-grow-with-me-baby-first-year-portrait-plan This guy...

Williamsburg Studio Grow With Me Baby First Year Portrait PlanWilliamsburg Studio Grow With Me Baby First Year Portrait Plan

He holds a special place in my heart. :)  He is the first baby to go through all the milestone sessions with my "Watch Me Grow" year baby plan. I also got to sneak in a few Fresh 48 (the first days in the hospital after he was born) photos of him too! 


newborn-baby-toes-with-hospital-braceletnewborn-baby-toes-with-hospital-bracelet newborn-umbilical-cord-clamp-in-hospitalnewborn-umbilical-cord-clamp-in-hospital swirl-hair-on-newborn-head-in-williamsburg-hosptitalswirl-hair-on-newborn-head-in-williamsburg-hosptital

He still has this little swirl in his hair! ‚ÄčI have the pleasure of seeing him almost everyday to get my baby fix and I love that I was able to document his first year in milestone photo sessions. See that smile...I think he was pretty happy about it too. 


williamsburg-VA-newborn-studio-photo-sessionwilliamsburg-VA-newborn-studio-photo-session newborn-baby-williamsburg-studio-photo-shootnewborn-baby-williamsburg-studio-photo-shoot


His two beautiful siblings. I can't get over how little they all look a year ago!  williamsburg-newborn-with-siblings-photo-shootwilliamsburg-newborn-with-siblings-photo-shoot

So Sweet! His three month shoot was so adorable! Just starting to hold his head up and ALL smiles! 

three-month-old-on-floakati-rug-in-beeniethree-month-old-on-floakati-rug-in-beenie williamsburg-three-month-photo-shootwilliamsburg-three-month-photo-shoot

williamsburg-custom-family-and-children-photographerwilliamsburg-custom-family-and-children-photographer williamsburg-studio-three-month-baby-photowilliamsburg-studio-three-month-baby-photo three-month-old-baby-laughingthree-month-old-baby-laughing I have to admit, six month photo sessions are some of my favorites! Happy babies, sitting up, dressed up, with no place to go! ;) 

williamsburg-studio-six-month-old-baby-photo-sessionwilliamsburg-studio-six-month-old-baby-photo-session six-month-old-baby-in-bucket-photosix-month-old-baby-in-bucket-photo watch-me-grow-year-photo-sessionwatch-me-grow-year-photo-session



Nine months, standing, and getting big!

williamsburg-studio-photo-sessionwilliamsburg-studio-photo-session williamsburg-photo-shoot-of-baby-in-rocking-chair-laughingwilliamsburg-photo-shoot-of-baby-in-rocking-chair-laughing nine-month-old-baby-photo-sessionnine-month-old-baby-photo-session williamsburg-baby-studio-photo-sessionwilliamsburg-baby-studio-photo-session

nine-month-old-baby-in-rocking-chair-in-williamsburg-studionine-month-old-baby-in-rocking-chair-in-williamsburg-studio baby-in-fedora-in-williamsburg-photo-studiobaby-in-fedora-in-williamsburg-photo-studio nine-month-old-baby-bottomnine-month-old-baby-bottom And just like that he's a year old!! His mama made his this onsie...so stinking cute!

one-year-studio-photos-in-williamsburg-VAone-year-studio-photos-in-williamsburg-VA williamsburg-one-year-photo-shootwilliamsburg-one-year-photo-shoot

She also made him this pretty cake! YUM!


one-year-boy-cake-smash-in-williamsburg-studioone-year-boy-cake-smash-in-williamsburg-studio boy-one-year-cake-smash-studio-photo-in-williamsburgboy-one-year-cake-smash-studio-photo-in-williamsburg blue-cake-smash-in-williamsburg-VA-photo-studioblue-cake-smash-in-williamsburg-VA-photo-studio

one-year-baby-boy-cake-smashone-year-baby-boy-cake-smash baby-boy-happy-cake-smashbaby-boy-happy-cake-smash

Nothing wrong with a happy baby boy covered in cake!

That year went fast!  His family blinked and he is one, but I know they will truly treasure these photos. 

That's the best part of my job - providing you with memories you can hold for years to come and think of this happy time. My Watch Me Grow Plan includes a gorgeous album at the end of the year full of images that YOU choose from all your baby's sessions.  You can rest assured that you will have a beautiful heirloom you will cherish forever. This year goes so fast, contact me for more information on preserving it for you!  

Is your baby is already into their first year? No worries, I provide milestone sessions independent from the baby plan as well! :) 

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CrossFit Williamsburg's 2015 Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic Competition http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/2/crossfit-williamsburgs-2015-gangs-of-the-mid-atlantic-competition It's February (already), which means it's almost time for the 2016 CrossFit Open to start! Like in two days about to start. Have you registered yet? Check it out and get on it HERE!  This will be my third year participating, and it's a lot of fun. It's always exciting to hear that WOD announced live, watch some amazing elite athletes perform it, and participate in it that weekend for yourself!  

This was also my third year photographing CrossFit Williamsburg Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic...again, lots of fun! There is always great programming, impressive performances, and strong camaraderie. 

This year there was just about every division you can think of spanning over two days. Naturally, there were a lot of athletes competing!!



Whether you are looking for motivation for signing up for The Open or just to make it to class tomorrow, enjoy! :) 


woman-deadlift-crossfit-drachenwoman-deadlift-crossfit-drachen deadlift-competition-deadlift-competition-

good-lift-at-gangs-of-the-mid-atlanticgood-lift-at-gangs-of-the-mid-atlantic gangs-of-the-mid-atlanic-deadliftgangs-of-the-mid-atlanic-deadlift

These competitions would  not happen if not for the volunteers! They judge, help with equipment, clean up, and generally make sure this all runs smoothly for the athletes. 





box-jumpsbox-jumps crossfit-box-jumpscrossfit-box-jumps









airdyne-bike at crossfit williamsburgairdyne-bike crossfit williamsburg




man-doing-double-unders-at-gangs-of-the-mid-atlanticman-doing-double-unders-at-gangs-of-the-mid-atlantic woman-climbing-rope-at-crossfit-competitionwoman-climbing-rope-at-crossfit-competition





No question these athletes are working super hard. Sometimes it is your teammates' cheer which gets you through that last rep...then they celebrate with you. This sport notoriously supports it's fellow athletes. I love that so much. We're all in this together...it's much more fun to celebrate each other's successes! 


crossfit-comraderiecrossfit-comraderie crossfit-drachen-williamsburgcrossfit-drachen-williamsburg


Feel like running out to do your WOD today or sign up for the open? Have you ever been in a competition before? No?! Well then, from the creators of "Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic"  (so you know it'll be good! ) comes a competition strictly for beginner athletes that have NEVER participated in a competition! Find out more HERE!  

Contact me for information on CrossFit photos or my portrait sessions. See you soon! 





rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) CrossFit CrossFit Competition CrossFit Photos Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic Williamsburg airdyne bike box jumps burpee bar hops", clean and jerk cleans deadlift front hand stand push-ups portraits relay rope climb rowing shoulder to overhead snatch sprint squats" http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/2/crossfit-williamsburgs-2015-gangs-of-the-mid-atlantic-competition Tue, 23 Feb 2016 14:35:18 GMT
Couple Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Colonial Williamsburg with Family http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/2/couple-celebrates-40th-anniversary-in-colonial-williamsburg-with-family A few months ago I was contacted by a lovely young woman telling me about her family's plans to celebrate her parents 40th Wedding Anniversary in Colonial Williamsburg. They were looking for a photographer to do a photo session with the family during the weekend they were spending here. Thrilled to be part of their celebration, we decided on a late afternoon session just before their dinner reservations at Fat Canaray in Merchants Square

We had an absolutely gorgeous evening.  Let me tell you, they were dressed to impress! 

Williamsburg-custom-family-photographerWilliamsburg-custom-family-photographer Am I right?! They were such a sweet, charming family and we had a lot of fun walking around Colonial Williamsburg taking photos.  Mother-and daughters-in Colonial-Williamsburg-GardensMother-and daughters-in Colonial-Williamsburg-Gardens

A beautiful mother and her beautiful daughters. But we can't leave out the boys...they just look so dapper. 

Father-and-son-in-laws-in Colonial-Williamsburg-gardensFather-and-son-in-laws-in Colonial-Williamsburg-gardens

This is one of my favorite little corners of CW to take photos. Their dress colors look AMAZING against the beautiful green here. 

40th-anniversary-couples-photo-in-williamsburg-VA40th-anniversary-couples-photo-in-williamsburg-VA couple-in-colonial-williamsburg-photocouple-in-colonial-williamsburg-photo beautiful-couple-in-williamsburgbeautiful-couple-in-williamsburg

One of the fun things about Colonial Williamsburg is that there is beautiful scenery around every corner. 

exteded-family-photo-shoot-in-colonial-williamsburgexteded-family-photo-shoot-in-colonial-williamsburg couple-in-colonial-williamsburgcouple-in-colonial-williamsburg couple-on-street-of-colonial-williamsburgcouple-on-street-of-colonial-williamsburg couple-in-front-of-colonial-williamsburg-buildingcouple-in-front-of-colonial-williamsburg-building


This image makes me want an updated, dressed-up photo with my Dad and Sister! 


40 years of marriage looks pretty darn good! 


After a really fun-natured photo session, they headed off to dinner. I want to mention that having not been to the Fat Canary yet since moving to Williamsburg, I asked them to let me know how it was. A few days later I got an email with this: 

"Just wanted to let you know that I STRONGLY suggest Fat Canary!  Our server was a delight.  They had a menu signed by all the waitstaff for my parents, they put us at a great table, and most importantly - the food was outstanding.  Superb. I hope you get a chance to celebrate there sometime!"

So there you go! It doesn't get any better than that!

I am so glad that I got to provide them beautiful memories of what was clearly a very meaningful evening. I would love to provide you with beautiful memories like these too! Contact me today and let's plan an unforgettable  photo session for YOUR family! 

rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) Anniversary Anniversary photo session Colonial Williamsburg Fat Canary Virginia Williamsburg Williamsburg Photographer extended family family photos family portraits photo shoot photos portraits http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/2/couple-celebrates-40th-anniversary-in-colonial-williamsburg-with-family Wed, 10 Feb 2016 20:30:19 GMT
Williamsburg couple and dogs photo session http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/1/williamsburg-couple-and-dogs-photo-session Before it gets too far into the new year, I had to share this fun couples session that happened just before Christmas. This gorgeous lady contacted me for a session with her husband and their adorable little dogs. After changing locations dues to conflicts with Colonial Williamsburg's Grand Illumination, we settled on a field setting where we were graced with some amazing late afternoon light. I think we made the right call! 

Couple and dogs photo in williamsburgCouple and dogs photo in williamsburg

Williamsburg Custom Family and Children PhotographerWilliamsburg Custom Family and Children Photographer

VA couple with dogs in Christmas SweatersVA couple with dogs in Christmas Sweaters

Couples Photo Session in Williamsburg FieldCouples Photo Session in Williamsburg Field Williamsburg couple in field with dogsWilliamsburg couple in field with dogs

Williamsburg couples photo session with dogs Williamsburg couples photo session with dogs

This is one of those photos that they didn't even realize worked out, came out adorable, and was one of her favorites from the session! 

Dog running in Christmas sweaterDog running in Christmas sweater

We moved to a slightly different place at this location for photos without the fur babies. There was still just a hint of color in a few trees we wanted to capture! 

Williamsburg VA Couples Photo SessionWilliamsburg VA Couples Photo Session

Williamsburg VA couples photographyWilliamsburg VA couples photography

Seriously, how cute are they!? Who doesn't love a pretty Mistletoe? Love it! 

Couple holding mistletoeCouple holding mistletoe

Couple with mistletoe in Williamsburg fieldCouple with mistletoe in Williamsburg field Williamsburg couple kissing under mistletoeWilliamsburg couple kissing under mistletoe

We did a few individual portraits as well. Clients don't have to do these of course, but I ask and the ones that do are always glad they did! An updated head shot, or something for your spouse to put on his or her desk at work is always a nice to have. And look at hers...It's stunning! 

Williamsburg Portrait Photography Williamsburg Portrait Photography

Couples photo session in Williamsburg VACouples photo session in Williamsburg VA

This was a fun session with a lovely couple! Their cute little dogs did awesome too! CONTACT ME HERE TODAY for more information on couples, family, or children session...fur babies optional! 

rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) Field Virginia Williamsburg Williamsburg Photographer couples photo session dog photos dogs in Christmas sweaters mistletoe photo session in field photo shoot photos portraits williamsburg portraits http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2016/1/williamsburg-couple-and-dogs-photo-session Wed, 13 Jan 2016 15:52:05 GMT
Canvas Gallery Wraps or Standout Prints? http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/10/canvas-gallery-wraps-or-standout-prints My job is not done after I've only taken your pictures at your photo session. I am a full service studio that provides a finished printed product to my clients. I color calibrate my editing monitor to my professional printing labs and vendors to ensure accurate and consistent printing results. Why does this matter? Because I want to deliver you a beautiful product ready to hang on your wall, put in your favorite frame, or that you can turn the pages of to enjoy your images. You deserve that level of service and quality for your memories! 

For my local clients, I show you what these products look like with the samples I bring to your viewing and ordering appointment. I can even show you how they will look in real size on your actual wall! How cool is that?! For my out of town clients, I do the best I can with technology to give you this same experience in helping you choose the right sizes and products for your home. 

Two types of Wall Art that I offer are Canvas Gallery Wraps and Standout Prints. The question I get asked the most from out of town clients that I can't physically bring my samples to, is what is the difference between them. I wanted to write this post to help explain the difference. 

Both are great choices for wall art. I have both hanging in my home and love them for different reasons. It most likely comes down to your decor and which look you prefer with where you are displaying your images. Canvas can look a more traditional whereas I think Standouts tend to look more modern. Both come ready to hang and neither requires a frame. 

Canvases have a little more formal elegance to them in my opinion. This is a sample of a 20x30 Canvas. 

20X30 Canvas Gallery Wrap20X30 Canvas Gallery Wrap

Canvases have beautiful, rich colors which look lovely on the textured material. They have a protective coating that allows them to be wiped clean for dust.

The image wraps around and is stretched around the 1.5" edges of the canvas.

Canvas Gallery WrapCanvas Gallery Wrap

The canvas is finished with plain black backing. Depending on the size, they will come ready to hang with either a wire or sawtooth hangers. They also come with small clear bumpers you adhere to the four back corners of the back to protect your wall. This is my sample that gets knocked around in my sample bag, so I just hadn't put those on. :) 

Standouts have a very clean look to them and are more economical than a canvas. Your print is lustre coated for protection and mounted onto a .75" lightweight, stiff foamcore board.  This is a sample of a 16x24 standout print. 

The sides of the standout boards are protected by a black or white smooth matte paneling which gives your standout a fully finished and sealed look. 

The back panel contained pre-drilled holers making them easy to hang on simple nails or screws. 

Here is a side by side comparison of an 11x14 size canvas and standout. 

Notice the canvas will standout further from the wall with the 1.5" edges versus the .75" edge of the standout. 

Either of these products will display your images beautifully in your home. If you have more questions, want to see more samples, or want to plan your session with me to create the gorgeous images for these products, please contact me! 






rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) Williamsburg art canvas canvas gallery wrap family photos family portraits photo shoot photos portraits standout standout print wall http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/10/canvas-gallery-wraps-or-standout-prints Thu, 22 Oct 2015 19:28:36 GMT
Extended-Family-Celebrating-50th-Anniversary-in-Williamsburg http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/10/extended-family-celebrating-50th-anniversary-in-williamsburg I feel like this was summer of 50th wedding anniversaries here in Williamsburg! And I was thrilled so many families saw this as such a beautiful occasion to have documented. Even more thrilled they chose me to do it for them! This family contacted me as they had some ideas of celebrating their parents' anniversary, but a lot of their plans were unfortunately not coming together as they had hoped. Our session, on the other hand, came together perfect! They were staying at the beautiful Historic Powhatan Resort and we had a beautiful morning to shoot there. 

Here is the whole gorgeous crew! 

Williamsburg VA Children and Family Custom PhotographyWilliamsburg VA Children and Family Custom Photography

This is the happy couple! 




So Sweet! Fifty years of marriage looks good on them, no? 


With such a beautiful morning and location, we certainly wanted to take advantage of all the families getting some fantastic new family portraits. 


family-portrait-in-williamsburg (2)family-portrait-in-williamsburg (2)




It was so fun hearing about this family's plans for the rest of their vacation here. I believe Busch Gardens was on the list for this day after our session. These cousins don't all get to see each other all the time living in different places, so it was cool to see them all spend this special time together.





Whether you are visiting beautiful Williamsburg, or you are lucky to live here, I would love to document your family too! Contact me today to plan your session! If you are local and want to hear about any specials or fun news I have, please sign up HERE for my newsletter! 

rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) 50th anniversary Historic Powhatan Resort Virginia Williamsburg extended family family photos family portraits family reunion photo shoot photos portraits http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/10/extended-family-celebrating-50th-anniversary-in-williamsburg Sat, 03 Oct 2015 00:26:23 GMT
What to Wear for Fall Family Portraits http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/9/what-to-wear-for-fall-family-portraits Tell me it isn't already September! I am gearing up for another busy fall season here in beautiful Williamsburg.  One of the things I get asked the most from clients is what to wear for a photo session. When you book a session with me, this is a part of our consultation process.  However, there are some general guidelines that are always good to keep in mind. As I was putting together a blog post to shout out to some of my Fall Family Sessions from last year, I thought I would use some of these photos to show examples of good ideas when coming up with outfits for your family's session! So while you are enjoying images of my beautiful clients, I will mention how they have done a fabulous job with choosing their session clothing. 

Fall is all about COLOR! The foliage is gorgeous, but you still want to be the center of attention. Wearing color makes you standout. 

what to wear for fall photos what to wear for fall photos As vibrant as the colors are, their clothing still stands out

fall family photos in williamsburg fall family photos in williamsburg I love the pop of blue color against the neutral backgrounds

PATTERNS are also great! You just don't want too many different patterns at one time. A good idea is to pick one pattern and coordinate everyone else's outfits around it.

coordinate around patterns for family photoscoordinate around patterns for family photos

family portraits in williamsburg va family portraits in williamsburg va

ACCESSORIES really pull an outfit together. When choosing what to wear, remember the outfit as a whole to include hair, jewelry, and shoes. Sometime a great pair of boots is all you need! wear accessories for family photoswear accessories for family photos

VA custom family portraitsVA custom family portraits

TEXTURES AND LAYERS also photograph beautifully. Sweaters, scarves, fitted jackets, vests, legging and tights are great pieces to add some depth and interest to your wardrobe in photos. 

williamsburg fall family photoswilliamsburg fall family photos

family portraits in virginiafamily portraits in virginia

One of THE biggest bits of clothing advice that you've already seen in all these images, is to COORDINATE. You don't have to all wear the same thing to look like you are all pulled together. You want to coordinate colors and clothing style as a family, but you do not need to be matchy-matchy to do it. I also recommend staying away from words and logos on clothing. They can be distracting and take away from the photo. 

fall family portraits in virginiafall family portraits in virginia

williamsburg custom family portraitswilliamsburg custom family portraits

Put all that together and you will have lovely family photos just like these! 

outfits for fall family photosoutfits for fall family photos

custom family portraits in williamsburgcustom family portraits in williamsburg

See what a great job my clients have done!! 

While it is always my intention to blog my individual sessions, life happens and I get behind. But, as I am getting ready for this year's Williamsburg Fall photo sessions I could not pass up the chance to show off some of my gorgeous sessions from last year. I hope you enjoyed seeing how to pull your family's look together. My Fall schedule fills up quickly, so contact me today and let's use some of these tips when planning your session this Fall!  



rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) Colonial Williamsburg Williamsburg fall photo session family photos family portraits photo shoot portraits what to wear for fall photo session what to wear for family photos http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/9/what-to-wear-for-fall-family-portraits Thu, 10 Sep 2015 16:04:48 GMT
50th Wedding Anniversary Extended Family Photo Session in Williamsburg http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/6/50th-wedding-anniversary-extended-family-photo-session-in-williamsburg 50 Years of marriage is nothing to sneeze at! I got a phone call from this couple's proud daughter wanting to surprise her parents with a photo session as their family was having a little family reunion in Williamsburg celebrating their anniversary. What a sweet couple and fun family! I was so thrilled to document such a wonderful occasion! 

Cheers to this beautiful couple! 

What a gorgeous, happy family!

Colonial Williamsburg Extended Family Reunion Photo Colonial Williamsburg Extended Family Reunion Photo

We seriously lucked out with weather as it started sprinkling as we were finishing up. We got in some gorgeous family images in the beautiful Spring gardens of Colonial Williamburg. 

Colonial Williamsburg Gardens Extended Family PhotoColonial Williamsburg Gardens Extended Family Photo

Parents and Siblings in CW gardensParents and Siblings in CW gardens

Family reunion girlsFamily reunion girls

Colonial Williamsbug Garden Family PhotoColonial Williamsbug Garden Family Photo

Couple in Colonial Williamsburg GardensCouple in Colonial Williamsburg Gardens

Grandparents with granddaughter in Colonial WilliamsburgGrandparents with granddaughter in Colonial Williamsburg

Generation photos are so special. These are four and three generations of this family. 

Four Generations of Family in WilliamburgFour Generations of Family in Williamburg

Williamsburg Family of three generationsWilliamsburg Family of three generations

What better way to celebrate 50 years of marriage that documenting the beautiful family that you created! I would love to document your beautiful family...contact me to plan your session today! 


rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) 50th wedding anniversay Colonial Williamsburg Family generation photos Williamsburg, Virginia extended family family portraits family reunion photo shoot portraits http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/6/50th-wedding-anniversary-extended-family-photo-session-in-williamsburg Wed, 24 Jun 2015 20:14:45 GMT
DIY Prop Chair Makeover http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/6/diy-prop-chair-makeover I am trying to think more outside the box when it comes to purchasing props for my photography. I have been wanting a cute simple chair with arms and I found this one at Goodwill. I bought it for $4.25!!!  Thankfully my husband is usually game for a project! We did this all on a Sunday at home. 

"Before" "Before"

This is the "before" picture the way I purchased it. We took off the seat and took out nails that were keeping in old vinyl cover. I cleaned the grimy cloth seat and let dry in the sun.

Beer and music make it feel less like work, which is important when convincing your husband this is a good way to spend Sunday afternoon. 

I didn't want to sand the wood - or let's be honest, I didn't want to ask my husband to sand the wood. So we got a primer + paint in white to just paint over the finish on the chair. 

This is after the first coat of paint. It dried pretty fast in the sun and we ended up needing three full coats.

This is the vinyl material I purchased at Joanne's for $6.99. It's technically "table cloth", but I liked the pattern and it was inexpensive.

We cut the material and used a staple gun to fasten it to the base of the seat. Some of the corners required a little cutting to stretch and fit the funky angles. 

The finished product! I am pretty happy with how it turned out and proud of us for doing it...I am not always the most crafty person and it probably wouldn't have looked half as nice had my husband not done everything he did! 

Cute subject to model the finished product! If you are in the Williamsburg area and want of a photo session of your cute subject  (we don't have to use my new chair LOL)  contact me today!! 

rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) Before and after makeover Chair reupholster DIY DIY Photography Prop Furniture painting Photography Prop Williamsburg Photographer http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/6/diy-prop-chair-makeover Mon, 08 Jun 2015 15:22:57 GMT
Gorgeous Album...See for yourself http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/4/see-for-yourself If you've had a photo session with me, you know I want your beautiful images printed! We look at your finished photos together, I show you gorgeous high quality samples, and help you determine what works best for your home. Last year in addition to prints, canvases, and standout wall art, I also offered albums. My clients loved them and it is a wonderful way to have your beautiful session at your finger tips to enjoy and share whenever you would like.  This year my clients are in for a treat as I am offering an even more beautiful quality album. 

I opened this sample the other day and squealed it was so gorgeous! This is a distressed onyx leather cover 8x12 lay flat album. The detail, color, and quality is gorgeous and I am so excited to offer this to my clients! 

These pictures don't even do this album justice! I look forward to putting this beauty in your hands and let you see and feel for yourself.  I know this is something you will be thrilled with!! I do offer it in a smaller size as well and several options of the leather covers.  This is wonderful way to have all your beautiful photos in one place. And the creation process is easy - my clients chose their photos, I design and deliver your finished album. Simple as that! Don't worry, if albums aren't your thing, rest assured I still have a wonderful selection of prints and wall art I offer as well! Contact me to plan your next photo session and you'll soon be enjoying your own beautiful images! 

rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) colonial williamsburg family portraits photo album photos portraits http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/4/see-for-yourself Thu, 02 Apr 2015 12:32:04 GMT
Here we go again | CrossFit Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic 2014 http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/2/here-we-go-again Has it been a year already? Apparently so since tomorrow the first 2015 CrossFit Open WOD will be announced! Did you register yet? I did! My double unders haven't gotten any better, well maybe a little, but I registered anyways. Last year was a lot of fun and this year looks to be no different. 

This past Fall I had the opportunity to photograph the Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic for the second year at CrossFit Williamsburg. 

In honor of the CrossFit Open starting this week, I just wanted to share some highlights from that awesome event. This sport is just as much about community as it is the fitness and workouts. I hope that you feel that as you see these photos and the athletes in them. That's what this is about and why I love it so much.

Let's start with a few team photos. Gangs did it a little differently this year by having co-ed only teams. I love a good laugh and some of these teams certainly came with their sense of humor.


Are you laughing yet? They know how to play hard...and work even harder


Can you feel the love?!? The amazing comradery and support of this sport never ceases to amaze. So, you have a day to sign up for the open and experience it for yourself!! See YOU there!!


rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com (Rachel Karnes Photography - Williamsburg Children and Family Photographer) CrossFit Gangs Mid-Atlantic WOD bench press box chest-to-bar climb comradery deadlift double fitness front jumps kettlebell of photos pull-up push row sled sprint squat the thrusters toes to bar unders wall wall ball http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/2/here-we-go-again Thu, 26 Feb 2015 01:22:01 GMT
Limited Edition Williamsburg Children Valentines Studio Sessions http://www.rachelkarnesphotography.com/blog/2015/1/limited-edition-williamsburg-children-valentines-studio-sessions Limited Edition Children Valentines Studio Sessions

This past year has been wonderful and I am gearing up for a great 2015!

I am starting the New Year with a limited edition Valentines Special!

Williamsburg Children Valentine Photo SessionChildren Valentine Photo Session

These sessions are for KIDS ONLY from sitting babies to age 12 - three sibling limit.  They will take place at my studio on select dates starting January 14th through February 11th. Special price to be paid in full upon booking of $150 (plus tax) for an up to 30 minute session and includes three digital image files and one 5x7 print of your choice.  

Children's Studio Valentines Photo SessionChildren's Studio Photo Session Williamsburg Valentine Photo SessionWilliamsburg Valentine Photo Session

You will view your images with me directly after your session (they will not be put online to chose from). At this time additional digital files as well other beautiful products will be available to order at 25% off if you wish.  Additional purchase is not required if you only want the three digital images and 5x7 print you already paid for. 

Williamsburg Special Edition Photo SessionWilliamsburg Special Edition Photo Session

To schedule one of these limited sessions for your child contact me here or at 716-785-4387 or rachel@rachelkarnesphotography.com.  Can't wait to see your sweet little one!! 


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